Our start up takes its name- El Chamois – from the word for chamois in our local dialect, Bresciano, which is a tribute to the place where our company is based. El Camös was founded in 2021 by Edoardo Ferrari – sculptor and designer, Mirko Pedrazzoli – professional cyclist and technician, Alberto Martinelli – entrepreneur. A winning complementarity made of three different souls (creativity, technique, and entrepreneurship) united by the passion for two wheels, dirt roads and challenges.


A sculptor and designer, Edo Ferrari has been part of the art and bicycle world since he was a kid. He has a degree from the Accademia di belle arti, and another in industrial design.


He has always had cycling in his blood – and in his legs. He started developing his first projects in the 90’s mixing art and technique, pushing the limits of physics. From the first prototype to today, the frames that have been created have had important success; for example, the DH world cup and the compasso d’oro ADI demonstrate Edoardo Ferrari’s goal to fuse: technology, functionality, performance, originality, and beauty.

His designs elements, such as the suspension systems and kinematic chains, among which the virtual fulcrum with two connecting rods of 1998, stands out and have always shown themselves to be performing and contemporary throughout the time. They have always created new trends amongst the leading companies in the sector.


A metalworking designer and ex professional athlete, he has been in the MTB national team for 10 years. He held several important cups in the bulletin board, and he won the 2001 cross country European cup, which he obtained riding a bike designed by Edoardo Ferrari.


Driven by his unrestrained passion for the engineering aspect of MTB, he has always found new technical-mechanical solutions, earning him the nickname “Freaky” in the world cup environment. Fellow world champions admired Mirko’s bicycles as products of mechanical and technological experimentation. Many of his intuitions are considered to be groundbreaking in the Racing sector, to the extent he is considered one of the fathers of the industrialization of mountain bikes.


Alberto Martinelli inherited the passion for gravel roads and motorcycles from his father. He got to know Edo Ferrari while competing in several championships.


A strong friendship, strengthened by the same dreams and passion, grew between the two. Alberto has not only shared his managerial experience with the artistic personality of Edo Ferrari and the technical expertise of Miko Pirazzoli, but also an innovative and solid vision which provides the means for the design process and guarantees resources to El Camös brand.